Clipse Tour With Ice Cube; Album Release Date Set

Even without releasing a new album in four years, Malice and Pusha T continue to grind.

The brothers-collectively known as the Clipse-are currently on the road opening for Ice Cube while also putting the finishing touches on their long-delayed sophomore set, Hell Hath No Fury.

"Coming off the hiatus we been on, it's huge (to be on tour), " Pusha told "Before we thought we were coming to take over, but now we have to. It's like we have no choice."

After the success of their debut Lord Willin', the Clipse and their record company went through a public feud as the duo were upset over numerous changes at the label.

A request to be released from their contract was not granted and ultimately the action resulted in the group standing pat as legal representatives for both parties negotiated.

No longer signed through the Neptunes's Star Trak imprint, the Clipse have launched a partnership with Jive Records under their Re-Up banner.

"That's all we screaming. The movement, that's where we at right now," said Pusha.

After successful mixtape releases of Re-Up Gang Volumes I and II, the Clipse are finally preparing their second official release, which will feature a slew of new songs.

"This album is a hell of a lot rawer than when we were coming off the success of Lord Willin', " explained Malice of the project. "I was partying a lot [then], I was saying fresh s**t. I don't feel like that anymore. I can't even turn that s**t [that was intended for the album] and listen to it and vibe right."

Although the group's subject matter became highly affiliated with cocaine, they scoff at the notion that their brand of music is based solely on the topic of drug dealing.

"There's so much philosophy and color in these verses," said Malice. "To label it that is totally an understatement.

Added Pusha: "[Our music] doesn't stop there. There's awesome articulation and a lot of literature within them versus."

The Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury is scheduled to be released August 29.

The first single, "Mr. Me Too," has recently been serviced to radio outlets.