Clubs ‘Scared’ Of Bone Crusher

While Bone Crusher, Arista’s latest upstart, may not be scared of anything the rapper is alleging that clubs aren’t mirroring his sentiments.

With “Never Scared,” the massive Atlanta rapper, who frequently take his shirt off in performances, makes entire clubs transform into urban mosh pits.

But now, he charges, there has been a backlash.

“This song is not a song to cause any controversy. This song is a positive anthem to never be scared of anything,” Bone Crusher told “It’s a song for young people and old people to never be scared of handling any obstacles that comes your way.”

Some clubs, primarily in the Midwest, limited playing the song because it has jumpstarted brawls.

Despite growing controversy, the song, which features T.I. and Killer Mike, has gotten tremendous street buzz and club rotation. And the mainstream has also caught on as BET and M2 have gravitated to the video.