CNN Host Don Lemon Inspires Styles P. To Apologize For His Past Transgressions

Styles P hit up social media to express his regrets thanks to the anchorman.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

**(AllHipHop News)*$ Rapper Styles P took to his Twitter feed to deliver apologies for negative actions in his past.

The heartfelt message was sparked by watching a CNN segment with Don Lemon, who was discussing Kevin Hart's homophobic jokes and the controversy surrounding him hosting the Oscars.

Styles P admitted he was moved by Don Lemon, whom he often watches from his home.

“As I watch don’s take on cnn and how he speaks on Kevin’s hart past mistakes. I just want to say I apologize to mad people for whatever I did from the age of 7 Until now. If I hurt or offended you I truly apologize!,” said Styles.

He continued, “I actually watch don lemon a lot because he seems genuine and honest about his reporting and passionate about his job but tonight he made me realize that a mistake from years ago can somehow stir up emotions today.1st I thought he was being harsh then I saw he was actually hurt.”

Styles would continue to offer further opinions in a series of following tweets.

Styles also took some time to acknowledge the birthday of his stepdaughter Taj Hing , tragically committed suicide in 2015.

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Homie Styles said “Kill That Fa990t” as the hook on the song is the same name. The song is so dope but that hook was like whoooaaaaaaaaaaaaa