CNN Wants To Utilize Hip-Hop Lingo

CNN is turning to hip-hop to try and capture

the coveted 18-49 year old demographic group, who command the highest advertising

rates. The AOL Time Warner Company took the number one spot from MSNBC two months

in a row and it appears they want to stay in the lead.

Headline News boss Rolando Santos told the San

Francisco Chronicle that he is working in slang phrases, which he referred to

as "the lingo of our people," into his newscasts. A memo circulated

to to graphic writers urged the on screen personalities to refer to a slang

dictionary "when looking for just the right phrase."

"Please use this guide to help all you homeys

and honeys add a new flava to your tickers and dekos," the memo stated,

referring to the graphics that appear at the bottom of the screen.