COA Introduces Money Clothing, MILKCRATE NYC And More

AllHipHop Staff's Kiki and EMitts at COA's grand opening

Last week, Kiki hit up the COA (Coat Of Arms) store grand opening party in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

The exclusive boutique was opened by three well known names in the NYC streetwear industry: Daymon Green, and Jason Jacobs, as well as Frank 151's Todd Nisbet.

The trio has relaunched the U.K. brand, Money Clothing, for spring 2010 in the U.S.

Jason Jacobs, Daymon Green and Todd Nisbet

Having worked with the brand previously, with both Jason and Daymon, it's refreshing to see the clean yet colorful direction it has taken for spring 2010.

Located at 43 Clinton Street, COA is a full service fashion agency housing Money Clothing, MILKCRATE NYC, Frank 151, New Era, and Godspeed footwear.

The space also features a retail vintage/dead stock area filled with Polo, snap back hats, Starter jackets and footwear.




It also dubs as an event space and art gallery, with their first exhibit being "Don't Become The Things You Hate" - a “canvas to clothing” project by Sea Sick Mama.

In today’s recession, one of the industries struggling to survive is the print and magazine world.

To reach out, Sea Sick Mama has asked almost a dozen magazines, bloggers, and other local favorites to express “how they survive” during this difficult time - but in only six words. These poetic proclamations (some comical, some foul) are beautifully printed on large scale canvases, but also onto a limited edition series to t-shirts.

The exhibit is bringing the community together to celebrate fashion, art, music and the creativity that springs when people work together.

If you're in the NYC area, make sure you pay my homies at COA a visit for a unique shopping experience!

Find Money Clothing on by clicking HERE, and check back for MILKCRATE NYC which will be hitting our site soon.