Coke Taps Big Boi To Promote Full Throttle Fury Energy Drink

Grammy Award winning Outkast group member Big Boi has been tapped as the new face of Coca-Cola's Full Throttle Fury Energy Drink it was announced today (September 30).

With Big Boi as a new spokesman, the company is also relaunching Full Throttle Fury with a completely new look and experience, in an attempt to tap the lucrative African-American male demographic.

“Full Throttle Fury appeals to men like me who consider themselves real and authentic, whose work style is to go all the way,” Big Boi said. “I spend most of my days in the recording studio or involved in new projects. Full Throttle Fury has a great taste and provides me the energy to get through my busy day.”

The rapper will take part in an upcoming advertising and marketing campaign, which will also see Full Throttle Fury act as the official sponsor of record release parties for Big Boi’s upcoming album Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty.

Full Throttle Fury will also act as sponsors of a multi-city promo tour, that will hit at least 50 venues nationwide.

“My new album Sir Luscious Left Foot embodies the energy of Full Throttle Fury, where I feel like the body of work I’ve created on this CD will hopefully motivate my fans even more with its high energy and conscious lyrics as I’ve always created in my music,” Big Boi continued.

According to Rafael Acevedo, Senior Brand Manager, Energy Drinks, Big Boi's "drive to excel" was consistent with the direction Full Throttle's new image is adopting.

"He truly embodies the Full Throttle mindset of ‘Go Full Throttle or Go Home’,” said Acevedo said. “Full Throttle Fury will play a vital roll in Big Boi’s upcoming album release activities and concert tour—including product integration, customized point of sale displays, and sponsorship opportunities.”

Full Throttle Fury is available in stores nationwide, while reports stated that Sir Luscious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty will hit stores on October 28.