Cold Crush Brother Kay Gee Inks New Label Deal

Kay Gee of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers has confirmed today (October 8) the signing of an imprint deal with Jake Records for his growing production company, Killer Grooves.

Jake Records, an independent, Seattle-based label that also represents Digital Underground, will distribute all of Kay Gee’s upcoming Killer Grooves’ projects, which includes a summer 2009 solo release.

Formed in 1978, Kay gained worldwide fame with the Cold Crush Brothers, who popularized intricate, melodic back and forth rhyme routines, and energetic live show interaction with fans.

Dubbed “The Rolling Stones of Hip-Hop” due to their large crowds and innovations brought to the art of emceeing, the group holds the distinction of being the first Hip-Hop act ever to perform in Japan.

That popularity extended to the group being featured prominently in the seminal 1982 film Wild Style, the first motion picture to chronicle Hip-Hop culture.

Now with a fledgling imprint that boasts production credits with KRS-One, Funkmaster Flex, and Chuck D, Kay Gee detailed that the main goal of his new venture was to put the focus in Hip-Hop culture back on the actual music.

“Jake Records is on the move in this business, and they work in a way that is completely unique to the industry,” Kay explained to “I love the style, attitude, and approach that Jake Records puts into their work. The partnership with [Jake Records CEO] Scott Thomas and his team is exciting, to say the least. Above all things, they appreciate great music, which is a passion I share.”

The first scheduled release in 2009 will come from Dancehall artist Dainjamental, notable for producing and collaborating with Wu Tang Clan, KRS-One, Cassidy, Onyx, and Killah Priest.

In addition, the Cold Crush legend is developing a music series entitled Hip-Hop Live, a collection of digitally remastered live performances from the Cold Crush Brothers and other acts.

At press time, Hip-Hop Live is set for a Spring 2009 release.