Cold Crush Brother Passes Away At The Young Age of 38

Eric Hoskins, a.k.a. Money Ray, one of the legendary

Cold Crush Brothers, passed away at the young age of 38. It came as a great

shock to everyone when he was diagnosed with cancer just five weeks ago.

On Thursday, October 3, Money Ray succumbed

to cancer. Group members told that Money Ray's sudden death came

as a shock to everyone because he was believed to be the healthiest member of

the group. Charlie Chase emphasized that Ray was always eating right and working


Originally, Money Ray was known for being a dancer

of the Cold Crush crew. He and his dance partner, Henry, were known as the "Smurf

Twins." When member JDL was not able to make a performance one fateful

day, the Cold Crush Brothers, which consist of DJ Tony Tone, DJ Charlie Chase,

Grandmaster Caz, KayGee, Easy AD and JDL, asked Money Ray to fill in. From that

day on, he emceed with them full time.

"Our prayers go out to his family and to

the Brothers," Easy AD told in a statement. "Please

tell fans they can go to

and leave a message on our guest book. Thank you."

The Cold Crush Brothers, renowned for their stage

stomping performances and funky melodies, have been referred to as setting the

standards for hip-hop.

Appearing in the one of the earliest hip-hop

movies, “Wild Style” released in the early 1980’s, the Cold Crush

Brothers incorporated break-dancing, emceeing and dj'ing on film.

The Cold Crush Brothers were also one of the

first hip-hop groups to rock stages abroad by taking their high-energy stage

show to Japan in the 80’s.

Our deepest condolences go out to Money Ray’s

family and friends. He will be sorely missed.

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for wake and/or funeral information.