Cold Crush Brother Presents Rare Hip-Hop Artifact Exhibit

Easy A.D., legendary

Cold Crush Brothers will present the Historic Hip-Hop Culture Exhibit at the Schomburg

Library in New York.

Taking place from

November 18 through December 31, the exhibition will feature rare Hip-Hop artifacts

that record classic images of the four elements of Hip-Hop culture: DJing, emceeing,

breaking and graffiti.

Before vibrant

music videos and “the record company,” Black and Latino youth in

the South Bronx defined Hip-Hop’s presence through these expressive arts

in the early 70s.

The Cold Crush

Brothers were among the many groups who organized themselves around these four


The Brothers traveled

in tours around the world, establishing Hip-Hop as a culture in places like

Germany, France, Japan and Africa.

All the while,

Easy A.D. was chronicling Hip-Hop’s history in the midst of making it.

The result is a collection of Hip-Hop artifacts that document the early days

and beyond.

Along with the

official Cold Crush photographer, Joey Conzo, Easy A.D. preserved photographs

from 1979-1985 that illustrate Hip-Hop in its authentic state, flyers from the

same time period that highlight different crews of the era.

The fashions of

the day, as well as trophies and books are also showcased.

The Historic Hip-Hop

Culture Exhibit is part of "hiphoproots: origins and impact" and also

features a symposium that will explore Hip-Hop’s development, from its

ancestry in the Bronx to its now international status.

Panelists include

renowned Hip-Hop pioneers Doug E. Fresh, Pebblee Poo and Mr. Wiggles. Dr. Marcyliena

Morgan, Director of the Hip Hop Archive at Harvard University and others are

also expected to attend.

At the close of

the historic presentation, the featured artifacts will become part of a traveling