Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Explains New Collaboration With Rapper Wale

(AllHipHop News) Jerry Seinfeld and Wale are working on a new album titled The Album About Nothing, a continuation of Wale's fourth mixtape which was titled "The Mixtape About Nothing."

The world-famous comedian/actor recently sat down to explain how his high-profile collaboration with rapper Wale came about.

During a recent interview, Jerry Seinfeld explained how he linked up with the famous rapper.

"Wale called me, he came to my show and we hung out a little bit," Seinfeld said during an interview with DJ Omega. "He wanted me to do something with him. I didn't understand it. But he did and I liked the guy, I listened to his music and I liked the music. "

After discovering his wife Julia was a fan of Wale, Seinfeld decided to do the project with the rapper.

"She said Wale is my favorite Hip Hop artist anywhere, I have every single thing," although Seinfeld admitted his wife was unaware of Wale's "The Mixtape About Nothing."

So far, no release date is available for The Album About Nothing.