Comedian Raps About SARS

A comedian who moonlights as a rapper in Singapore

has left his funny message behind and has recorded a message to the people to

remain vigilant against the SARS plague.

Gurmit Singh, who stars as Phua Chu Kang, on

the award winning comedic television series of the same name, says that he wrote

the rap and has shot an accompanying video for the single, "SAR-Vivor."

"It's the kind of rap that only PCK could

have done it, if you get Justin Timberlake it wouldn't have worked, Michael

Jackson no... wouldn't work," Singh said of his character.

"He (PCK) will say celebrate and all that

but he is also a very shrewd businessman, and he would say as long as there's

SARS patient in the world just be careful, take your precautions."

Singh said that while he was used to rapping,

getting into character and rapping as PCK was a different story.

"A rap yes as myself, but not as PCK. It

was a surreal kind of thing, cause ordinarily 'ah bengs' don't rap, they karaoke,

they sing off tune, they sing loud but they never rap, so it was a cool thing

to do," Gurmit continued.

SARS is short for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

and there have been out breaks of the virus in multiple countries throughout

the globe.

MediaCorp TV will premiere the SAR-Vivor rap

on Singapore's Channel 5, Thursday at 8:25 pm.