Comedian Tom Green Dropping Rap Album

The world knows Tom

Green for his comedic abilities and now Green is setting out to prove that he

also has skills with a microphone with a new untitled rap album.

Green was a founding member

of Canadian rap group Organized Rhyme and dropped an album with the group titled

Stiffenin Against The Wall in 1992.

The album produced “Check

The O.R.," which earned the group a Juno nomination.

"It is time for me

as an artist, and a human being, to dig deep down into my soul and be completely

honest," Green reflected. "For the past several years I have grappled

with a hidden truth. Now, it is finally my time to be honest. It is time for

me to be honest with the public, with my friends, with my family, and most importantly,

with myself. I am a rapper."

In previous interviews,

Green stated that he started rhyming in high school. That soon progressed into


"I actually got into,

like, making beats and stuff," Green explained to Canadian magazine Chart

Attack in a 1999 interview. "Summer jobs I’d, like, save up and buy

a keyboard and a sampler. It became this great outlet for doing wacky, wacked-out

sh*t on stage. I was doing stand-up at the time too, but this was another outlet,

where I could go up and rap, and I’d do it on a fairly regular basis,

opening for punk bands around Ottawa. We’d go down, and go on before them,

chucking bread into the audience, and throwing weird sh*t around. It was all

sort of for fun, and then we kinda got alright at doing it. So we came down

here to New York City for a couple of months when I was 17, and worked with

a producer down here. Then it sort of became kind of serious, and we got a record

deal. It started as a fun thing, but it actually wasn’t that fun anymore

by the time it got to the record deal stage."

Green's new album will drop

on Sony BMG Music Canada and will be produced entirely by Mike Simpson of the

Dust Brothers. Simpson has also produced tracks for The Beastie Boys, Biz Markie

and others.

“The world knows the

comedy skills of Tom Green, but his rap skills are known almost exclusively

in Canada," commented Sony BMG Music Canada President Lisa Zbitnew. "This

record is about to change all that."

To support the new album,

Green will embark on a five-city tour with Simpson and Birdhouse Skateboarder

Jeremy Klein.

Green’s untitled solo

rap debut is slated for a Fall 2005 release date.

Below is a list of Canadian

tour dates:

Wednesday, June

8 - Hamilton, ON The Underground

Thursday, June 9- Barrie ON Foundation Night club

Friday, June 10- Kingston, ON Elixer

Saturday, June 11 - Ottawa, ON Barrymore's