Committee To Meet With Miami Mayor Over Police Surveillance of Rappers

Members of the Miami Beach Black Host Committee

will meet with Mayor David Dermer and Police Chief Donald Delucca, to address

their concerns about the police's admission that they monitor rappers.

The Committee was created by the Mayor to help

foster a relationship between the city's black residents and visitors.

The meeting with the Mayor is scheduled for today,

while the meeting with Police Chief Donald Delucca will take place next week.

A story that ran in the Miami Herald this week

featured the police detailing their plans and tactics to monitor rappers.

The police claimed that "a lot, if not most

rappers belonged to a gang."

The committee is fearful that the police tactics

will eventually deteriorate the city's relationship with its black citizens.

After years of denial, the New York Police Department

admitted to meeting with South Florida police to address "rap violence."

The NYPD has already trained officers in major

cities such as Los Angeles and Atlanta.