Common Designs Limited Edition Sneaker With Krispy Klean

Chicago emcee Common has partnered with celebrity design team Krispy Klean to release a pair of limited edition Nike Dunks.

The sneaker hit stores earlier this week to coincide with the release of the conscious rapper’s latest effort, BE.

Just as eclectic as the emcee’s taste, the Dunks are available in two different color schemes, red and brown or green in brown. Only 100 pairs of Com’s sneaker will be available, retailing at a price of $350.00 per pair.

Krispy Klean has designed celebrity-themed kicks with artists such as Usher, Missy Elliot, Nelly, and Omarion.

Previously, Common revealed his other clothing-based business venture, a line of “high-end” hats called Soji

“I love hats man, I been wearing them for so long and people always ask me where I get my hats from. So, why not just design something? I want to keep it high-end and quality on the hat side,” he told

Recently, Common has made a number of television appearances to promote his album and debut his new video for “Go” featuring John Mayer and Kanye West.

The West-directed clip showcases Common with a bevy of beautiful and shapely women, and then ends with a preview of an album track titled “Faithful.”

BE, the resurrected rapper’s sixth album, is expected to sell nearly 250, 000 copies, giving Common the highest debut of his career.

Click here to see the red version of Common's sneaker and click here to see the green one.

The shoes can be purchased exclusively at