Common Launching New Line Of Hats

Rapper Common is planning

to venture into clothing accessories with a line of “high-end” hats

called Soji

“I love hats man, I been wearing them for so long and people always ask

me where I get my hats from. So, why not just design something? I want to keep

it high-end and quality on the hat side,” he told

The Chicago-born rapper explained that his Soji hat line would reflect his ever-evolving

sense of style.

“It’ll be more variety, but it will be like the Applejack hats, but

mostly like the styles that are high-end."

Laughingly, Common explained the roots of the name. [Soji] is

my next door neighbor’s name and I love that name,” he stated laughingly.

Common expects Soji to be available in the fall of 2005 and

is currently working out strategic partners.


getting all the designs together right now,” the rapper concluded. In

previous interviews, Common has revealed that he also releasing a line of children’s