Common Loves His Healthy Eggnog - Spiked

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop News) Rapper/actor Common "really enjoys" the tradition of eggnog over the festive season.

The “Selma” star has spent the holidays with his family, indulging in a variety of treats that are only enjoyed at this time of year, and he has a special fondness for eggnog."

Food is a big part of celebrating Christmas," he told Food & Wine magazine.

"Eggnog is one tradition I really enjoy. I've found some nondairy versions that are pretty good, especially spiked with a little liquor. My mother has learned to cook healthy food for me, but she also makes me her fried catfish. I know it's not the best for me, but I love it."

Common cuts out meat and even went vegan for a long time until returning to fish and seafood.

He used to indulge in everything from hamburgers to bacon while growing up in Chicago, Illinois and while he now leads a healthy lifestyle, the star doesn't deprive himself from the occasional sweet treat, especially around Christmas.

"I'm a cookie monster. I like the gluten-free, sugar-free ones from (bakery) Erin McKenna's in NYC. I'll come home after working hard, and they're my treat - I've earned them," he laughed.

In fact, he insists by no longer eating meat his rapping skills have improved.

He's so passionate about wellbeing he established Common Ground, a foundation that helps provide nutritional programmes to various establishments.

"I believe that what you eat affects the way you feel, the way you think and how beautiful you can look, so I'm really passionate about introducing kids to a holistic, healthy, good life," he smiled.