Common Preps 2 Albums, New Ad Campaign

Grammy Award winning rapper Common is preparing for a busy 2008, as he readies two albums and a new global advertising campaign.

Common, born Lonnie Rashid Lynn, will be featured in Converse’s new advertising campaign celebrating the company’s 100th year in business.

The “Connectivity” advertising campaign, which rolls out around the world starting this week, features late legendary icons like James Dean, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson and the Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious.

In addition to Common, other celebrities featured in the campaign include Green Day’s front man Billie Joe Armstrong, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s lead singer Karen O., female rocker Joan Jett and others.

“Converse is the footwear company that was first in sports and first in rock ‘n’ roll. We are extremely proud of our history and excited about our journey into the next century. Connectivity is an exceptional global campaign that fully captures our spirit and brand ethos celebrating true originals," said Geoff Cottrill, Chief Marketing Officer, Converse.

The advertising campaign will debut in over 75 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Additionally, Common recently revealed that he is planning to release an EP, followed by a full length album before the end of the year.

The EP titled Invincible Summer, is due in stores this June.

The release conceptual release will deal with summer love and will feature production by The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Kareem Wiggins and others.

Common’s EP Invincible Summer will be followed by a traditional full length album titled The Believer.