Common's New Investment Company Is Backing A Charter School

AllHipHop Staff

Common is putting up money for a new charter school being built by a mega-Church in Chicago.

(AllHipHop News) Chicago hip-hop star Common is teaming with a local mega-church, to open a new Charter School.

The award-winning rapper/actor has pledged financial support for the Art in Motion Charter School being built by New Life Covenant Church, on the city's SouthSide.

The $26 million dollar facility, which is also backed by the local government, will house as many as 1,200 students.

According to reports, Common is investing his cash through his new company, The Lynn Group LLC, as opposed to his nonprofit, the Common Ground Foundation.

"Rashid made a decision to support AIM through the Lynn Group to provide wraparound services for the school,” said school board member Karen Ratliff, who is also a senior director of the church.

“The Lynn Group will be able to share more about their organization and their interest in this project," Ratcliff added. "However, we are very grateful for their commitment and support.”

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