Common’s Short Film “Testify” Leaks

A short film for Common’s video “Testify,” from the rapper’s 2005 album BE, has recently leaked to the internet.

The 9-minute version of the popular song had only been seen a few times during a promotional run for the Grammy-nominated album.

Anthony Mandler directed the short film and Boxfresh Pictures acted as producers. As with the shorter music video, the film stars Taraji Henson, Wood Harris, Steve Harris, Kenny Burns and Kevin Black.

The plot of the short film follows a manipulative woman (Taraji Henson), who sets her spouse (Wood Harris) up for a murder that she committed. The film concludes with the woman laughing as her husband is found guilty.

Common’s role in "Testify" is limited to the rap portion of the song, even though he has gone on to co-star in films like 2006’s Smoking Aces and 2007’s American Gangster with Denzel Washington, T.I. and Idris Elba.

“Testify" was the Kanye West-produced fourth single from BE and is the shortest song on the album. Common has stated on record that the next leg of his career could be as an accomplished actor.

See the movie short in its entirely below.