Common Talks The Dreamer / The Believer; Reuniting with No I.D.

(AllHipHop News) Chicago bred rapper Common recently sat down with in an exclusive interview to explain the most recent project The Dreamer / The Believer, produced by No I.D. and set to hit stores on December 20th.

Common released BE and Finding Forever to critical acclaim, but the rapper believes that this project is one of his favorites and best to date.

"The Dreamer / The Believer is the title of the album, and man I'm like super enthused to talk about it becuase I feel like it's a special moment for me and No I.D. and Hip-Hop," Common told in an exclusive interview. "I feel like this album really captures what the essence and what Hip-Hop is about and two just great art, like when you make great art that is based in Hip-Hop sometimes it hits all types of walks of life, it hits different people, but what I love about the album is it's really about the love of the culture and its really about the art of Hip-Hop. You know thats we just tried to give our all with that, we didn't try, we gave it. I think this is one of my best or greatest albums and definitely one of my favorites."

Common also spoke about working with longtime friend and fellow Chicago native NO I.D.

Although NO I.D. produced the bulk of material for Common's first three albums, they had not worked together in almost 12 years.

"We got back together after just being around Kanye and we just knew we wanted to work together," Common told "When we created this album the plan wasnt, Dion, you gonna do the whole album, but then it just became that and we just got into that energy of just working and everyday going into the studio."

In other news Common recently performed Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five 1982 classic "The Message," at the Nokia Theatre alongside Melle Mel, Scorpio, Lupe Fiasco and LL Cool J for a special Grammy Awards Nomination Concert.