Concert Goers Say Beanie Beat Rapper Up

Earlier this month, eyewitnesses say that Beanie Sigel of Roc-a-Fella Records assaulted a heckler while performing at a club in upstate New York. Spectators to the event said a local rapper named C-Diddy from Poughkeepsie, NY heckeled Sigel for several minutes as he performed at Club Jordyn's, also located in Poughkeepsie.

One witness, who asked that his name be withheld, said that on May 3, 2002, C-Diddy heckled Beanie saying, "You aint real. You ain't sh*t. I'll f**k you up" and is known for acting out at events at the small club. One person said, "The guy was talking sh*t to Beans as he came on stage [and Beanie] said, 'What you think I'm pu**y...' and jumped off the stage and and beans commenced to whooping his ass." After the alleged assault, Sigel left the club with other spectator, leaving the club in calamity.

According to concert goers, Beanie leapt off the stage and struck the man causing the diamonds from his rings to to fly in all directions. People began to steal the diamonds as they fell out, many claim. Other members of State Property were present at the show, but nobody, including Beanie, were charged with any crime. Still, according to authorities, one person was stabbled in the melee.