Consequence Prepares New Mixtape, Album

Rapper Consequence

sparked the interest of hip-hop fans in 1996 with his appearance on A Tribe Called

Quest’s album Beats, Rhyme and Life and now he will re-emerg with

a new mixtape entitled “A Tribe Called Quence 1995-2004.”

"A Tribe Called Quence" features production by Kanye West, 88 Keys and

9th Wonder among others. At one point, Consequence was being groomed by ATCQ's

frontman, Q-Tip.

“For me ATCQuence is not just a mixtape, it's an audio photo album,”

Consequence said. “When I was sending out the acapellas to all the different

producers who worked on the project, I couldn't help but think back to the good

times I had recording with Tip, Phife & Ali.”

The material on the mixtape is meant to prepare fans for the

release of his album, Don’t Quit Your Day Job, which will drop

under Kanye West’s Good record label.


blessed because there were so many producers willing to lend their time and

expertise," Consequence continued. “They knew the importance and

impact that this project would have and how imperative it is that fans take

their journey with me from the very beginning."

"A Tribe Called Quence" in stores July 12th.