Controversial Concert Flops

A controversial concert in Atlantic, New Jersey

turned out to be a bust as fans stayed home with only 200 people showing up

to the Sandcastle Stadium, which holds over 10,000 people and none of the headlining

acts showing up to perform.

Officials from the city of Atlantic City had

told the show's promoters on Monday (August 26) that they were were canceling

the show due to Noreaga's alleged ties to the blood gang and a history of violence

that the city claimed followed him from show to show. The promoters won a federal

court order that allowed the show to go own, despite police warnings.

"We all went to court so we could bring

(this) in. We got more cops in here than people. This place looks like a f*cking

prison," said one of the hosts known as Spontane. Spontane was referring

to the 45 officers, some even dressed in camouflage fatigues, positioned throughout

the stadium.

The show was stopped around 11:00 p.m. when none

of the main acts showed up. Fans that paid up to $35 demanded to have their

money back, after they waited almost four hours to catch the show.