Cool & Dre Sign Distribution Deal With Imperial Records

Music from hit making production team Cool and Dre will connect with more fans, thanks to a new distribution deal between their record label Epidemic Records and Skeleton Key Entertainment/EMI's Imperial Records.

Under the recently signed deal, Imperial Records will a host of distribution and label services which include promotions, marketing, online marketing and publicity for Misery Loves Company, the forthcoming Epidemic Records release from Miami-born rapper Joe Hound.

"We're really excited about this Joe Hound project and about us being in business with Imperial," Cool said about the partnership. "It's the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Epidemic and Imperial are going to take it all the way to the top."

Described as an album exploring life lessons and missed opportunities mixed with detailed musical bits and pieces of Joe Hound's rise as an emcee, Misery Loves Company chronicles the Bethune Cookman graduate's life.

The first single from the album will be "She Likes It."

"Working with Imperial Records has proven to be "a great experience," said Hound. "They take care of our needs. It's been a really professional relationship. They give us opportunities to do whatever we want because they let us control our own music. You can't ask for anything more than that."