Cool Kids Speak On Label Woes; New Mixtape and Album

(AllHipHop News) The Cool Kids recently spoke about their label situation and their new album as they deal with lawyers in an attempt to work out some old paperwork. The group dropped Tackleblox May 31st in collaboration with the L.A. Leakers and Chuck Inglish and Mickey Rocks have been touring and recording new material for their highly anticipated album, When Fish Ride Bicycles. “So far we just keep making more and more stuff so we can just narrow down the list down and have the best 14 or 15 joints so we just trying to make the pile large as possible so we can chop off the fat,” Mikey Rocks told While the album is likely to be released in September, the duo was very eager to put out some kind of project, given their issues with their former record label, Chocolate Industries. The issues with their contracts have resulted in a two-year hiatus from officially releasing albums.“This time we were really trying to come back and establish what we started. We weren’t bullshitting, we weren’t taking any breaks,” Chuck Inglish told “We were just in a bullshit ass situation with our old label from the last two years and this really drawn out lawsuit, and that’s shit has just been putting a damper on shit.”At one point the tensions with the Chocolate Industries were so high, the group had even considered changing their name to avoid the legal implications of making music under “The Cool Kids” moniker.“At the time we were just frustrated with shit, but it was a good idea under the Print Act, and it seems like it could get us out of the deal, on the name. We were willing to part ways with the name, but the way we felt it wouldn’t have mattered what we changed our name to,” Chuck told Although the group is fighting through the label situation, the two Chicago based MC’s remain confident in the music they are producing and are looking forward to finishing things in court so they can just focus on music. “We are just trying to finish out this legal situation and show our fans how we are progressing. That situation should all be over soon though. I don’t know what some of the cats are going to do out here but its all a go for us man. I’m just waiting,“ an anxious Mikey Rocks commented.The Cool Kids most recent mixtape Tacklebox is available for free download via their website: