Coolio Faces Three Years For Crack Charges

AllHipHop Staff

Coolio has been formally charged with felony drug possession and one count of misdemeanor possession of a smoking device, after authorities allegedly caught the rapper with crack cocaine.

The California-bred artist now faces three years in jail, if he receives the maximum penalty.

On Friday March 6, Coolio was entering LAX and a routine search allegedly uncovered crack cocaine on his body.

The rapper tried to prevent a screener from searching him, reports say. He was promptly arrested.

Coolio, 45, is expected to appear in court on April 3.

This is merely one of Coolio’s recent ill-fated episodes.

Last month, Coolio performed at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The rapper attempted to stage dive on the crowd and landed on one woman.

When he tumbled to the floor, the crowd proceeded to rob him of his belongings, including his shoes, bandanna and glasses.

Security was able to stop the robbery as it progressed and also recovered the artist's shoes.

Coolio had been experiencing an upswing his entertainment career after appearing on the UK show “Big Brother.”