Coolio Recalls Witnessing A Fight Between 2Pac & King Tee

1994 was big for Coolio. That was the year the West Coast rapper released his debut album It Takes a Thief.

(AllHipHop News) Coolio spoke with Spin about some memorable songs from ’94. During the discussion, the “Fantastic Voyage” performer was asked about 2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up.” That led to Coolio sharing the story of him witnessing a fight between Pac’s crew and Compton emcee King Tee.

Coolio said:

One night we were at Prince’s club Glam Slam. King Tee, he had a drinking problem, was there and he sees Pac wearing a burgundy bandana. Tee tells him to take it off, and Pac refuses. Then Tee tries to snatch it off of Pac’s head, so — bam! — he gets socked in the face. The fight spills out of the club, and now they’re separated. Pac crosses the street to where his crew is, but Tee follows him over there to talk more shit.
All these guys start whooping his ass, like…
[Stands and kicks the couch furiously with both legs; our recorder falls off the arm.]
So I run across the street and get over him. [On all fours.] And I yell, “Pac, make them stop!” He’s like, “Cool, you saw him! He started it!” And I’m like, “You know he’s a drunk!” So Pac calls them off and helps me up, like, “He’s lucky you were here.” And he was, too. I picked up Tee and pretty much carried him back.

Coolio also revealed that he once had issues with a member of the R&B group Boyz II Men.

Wanyá [Morris, of BIIM] helped a brother get it off. Me and him had beef once. It wasn’t public. We were in a hotel. He was trying to hit on some chicks, and the chicks were trying to hit on me. And he started hatin’: “Coolio, old spider head.” He gave me a look, but I gave him a gangster look. We went our separate ways, ended it very eloquently without any bloodshed.

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