Coors Light To "Celebrate" Hip-Hop's 4 Elements

Coors Light will "celebrate self expression,"

by introducing collectors edition beer cans, designed by a local Denver, Colorado


The alcoholic beverages will feature the four

elements of hip-hop:B-boying, Turntablism, Emceeing, and Graffiti.

"Many of today’s artists have been

influenced by the hip-hop movement, which has never been more popular than it

is now," said Tom Dixon, assistant brand manager for Coors Light.

The cans will be available in 6-packs, 12-packs

and cases, and are on sale now.

"This summer, Coors Light not only wants

to recognize hip-hop’s widespread popularity, but also aims to celebrate

the freedom of expression that it stands for – and has stood for –

during the past 25 years."