Cop Are Trying To Figure Out Who Slashed Their Tires At Soulja Boy's House

The cops were targeted during a search warrant at Soulja's crib in Los Angeles.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Don’t come to Soulja Boy’s crib unannounced.

Last week, Ventura County Sheriffs executed a search warrant at the “Cut Dat Check” rapper’s mansion in Los Angeles… only to return to flat tires on their cars.

While detectives were inside raiding his house, someone slashed the tires on three unmarked police cars, resulting in damages worth $1000.

While the vehicles were parked on the street and not in Soulja’s driveaway, they have opened a felony vandalism investigation.

The house raid stems from the incident where a girl named Kayla claims the rapper kidnapped her and tied her up for six hours.

Although he denies all accusations, he has been cooperating in the investigation.

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Soulja! Big Draco stay winning.

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