Cop Investigating Drake's Friend's Murder Calls Out Rapper For Not Helping

AllHipHop Staff

Drake may be sticking with the "code of the streets" and the cops aren't feeling it.

(AllHipHop News) Police in Toronto Canada are criticizing Drake, claiming he is refusing to help investigators trying to help solve the murder of his good friend.

Two masked men were caught on surveillance camera gunning down Anthony "Fif" Soares on September 14.

The two gunmen brazenly shot Soares 10 times before escaping into the night.

Drake served as a pallbearer during Soares' funeral over the weekend, but it appears the rap star is not helping authorities in any way, shape or form.

Detective Sgt. Gary Giroux called out Drake in a statement emailed to The Star.

"I would hope if Drake was a real and true friend that he would encourage anyone with information that pertains to the murder of a close friend to share that information with the police with a mind to protecting the community and bring justice to the deceased’s family,” Detective Giroux said.

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Corrections..... He's NOT going to TELL.


I'm sure Drake paid these goons to take out his "Friend" he not kinds TELL.


Cop wants Drake to get shot next, now Drake could get third party goons to quietly handle things.