Cop Killer In NC May Have Listened To Pastor Troy Song Before Deadly Shootings

Officials in Charlotte,

NC believe a man charged with killing two police officers may have been influenced

by a song performed by rapper Pastor Troy titled "Murda Man."Demeatrius

Antonio Montgomery, 25, is charged with fatally shooting Officers Jeff Shelton,

35, and Sean Clark, 34, on Mar. 31 during a struggle outside of an apartment complex.


was arrested after the shooting, charged with two counts of first-degree murder

and may face the death penalty if convicted. "Murda

Man" is taken from Pastor Troy's 2005 album Face Off Part II. The

rapper disses fellow Atlanta rapper's Lil' Jon and Lil' Scrappy on the single,

which features lyrics like: I flex, I motherf***in ball better ask

em/Catch a n***a talkin s**t and motherf***in blast em/Murda, m-u-r-d-a/I'm pumpin gats at whoever in the way/I'm back with gun play/Don't think they understand/But

I don't think they wanna f**k with the murda man, murda manPolice

claim Montgomery spent the day drinking brandy, smoking and believe that he listened

to "Murda Man" shortly before killing both police officers. Officers

raided an apartment Friday (Apr. 6) in connection with the shootings, seeking

more evidence, including the Pastor Troy CD that contains the "Murda Man"

song that Montogomery allegedly listened to."It's

a real tragedy for us, the officers, for the families, for the communities, that

we've lost two in one incident," Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Chief Darrel Stephens said.