Cop Loses Job For Letting Rapper Film Raunchy Video In The Chief's Office

AllHipHop Staff

An investigator with the department lost his job for letting Franchize Q shoot a video inside headquarters.

(AllHipHop News) A cop in Lousiana lost a court battle to keep his job over a raunchy rap video he allowed to be filmed at police headquarters.

Investigator Jerry Davis of the Rayville, Lousiana Police Department was fired yesterday after he allowed Franchize Q's to shoot a video for his video "Bout the Money" inside of the police department.

The rapper took full advantage of Officer Davis' permission, by shooting scenes in front of the chief's office featuring an actor with his feet on his desk, while using look-a-likes for a scene inside of the interrogating room.

When the video hit the net, the Chief of Police for the Rayville Police Department was livid and suspended Officer Davis for five days without pay.

With yesterday's ruling, now Officer Davis will have to find a new gig.