Cop Mistakenly Shot 2KBABY's Associate In Lenox Square Mall

AllHipHop Staff

An associate of rising rapper 2KBABY is lucky to be alive after a high-profile shooting inside of the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta.

(AllHipHop News) A man from Flint, Michigan has been charged with a chain-snatching that led to a police officer shooting a friend of rising rapper 2KBaby.

The violent incident unfolded inside of at the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta when police responded to a robbery in progress on Saturday (January 18th).

A sergeant on patrol at the mall confronted three men in a parking deck. Two men, one holding a gun, were arguing with a third man.

The man holding the gun refused to drop his weapon, so the officer fired multiple times at the suspect, and struck him twice.

Unfortunately, the man holding the gun has been identified as Christian Edlin associate of rapper 2KBaby, who had just been stripped of his chain.

The pair chased down the suspect named Antonio Williams, who is facing charges for snatching 2KBaby's chain.

The rapper's manager explained how the situation unfolded:

"He was a victim of someone that asked to take a picture with him and then snatched his chain and they chased him," 2KBaby's manager explained. "And when they got to him, asking for it back a cop came outside and just shot hitting his friend 'my brother' who did nothing wrong but be the victim."

Christian Edlin was struck multiple times by the officer's gunfire. He was sent to a local hospital where he is currently in stable condition.

Antonio Williams, 23, is charged with robbery by snatching and giving a false name.

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I hate a mf thief! Police shot the wrong one


New rapper chances ate the chain is fake anyway. That bag aint right yet. Smh....Dumb ass