Cops Boot 50 Cent From Mall, 50 Boots Paris Hilton From Stage

50 Cent was reportedly kicked out of a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona because members of the Queens New York rapper’s entourage were allegedly carrying guns.

Scottsdale Police said on Thursday (January 31), security at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall stopped the rapper and a group of men.

Security requested the men to remove their guns from the mall’s premises and they quickly complied with the orders.

Later that same evening, Paris Hilton hosted a Super Bowl pre-game concert at the 944 Super Village, a venue built by 944 Magazine near the Fashion Square Mall.

During his headlining performance, 50 Cent name checked Paris Hilton, who was dancing in the front row.

When she attempted to get on the stage and dance, she was promptly told to, "Get the f**k off the stage," causing her to burst into tears.