Cops Say 21 Savage Has Started A Nationwide Paintball War

AllHipHop Staff

Police around the country want people to drop their paintball guns.

(AllHipHop News) Police are blaming rap star 21 Savage for a rash of shootings around the country, thanks to his viral "paintball wars" game.

The rapper started the "Paintballs Up, Guns Down" movement with his friends as a way to prevent violence, by using paintball guns to shoot at each other, instead of actual weapons.

But the videos 21 posted on his social feed have had an unintended side effect opposite of the original mission of stemming real-world gun violence.

Police around the country have reported an uptick in paintball shootings. In Detroit, police have responded to 95 paintball shootings this year, while Milwaukee had 65.

According to the USA Today, over 7,5000 rounds of ammo were confiscated after police broke up a war in the city of Atlanta.

"He started the movement in an effort to stop the shootings in the inner cities," said Milwaukee Police sergeant Melissa Franckowiak at a press conference. "It’s kind of morphed into something other than what he anticipated, I think. Now, these kids have been shooting unsuspecting citizens as opposed to their friends during these paintball wars."

In March, 21 Savage footed the bill for the funeral of a three-year-old, who was shot and killed in a car, after men in another car fired upon their vehicle, which had fired at them with paintball guns.

The cops in Greensboro, North Carolina are also busy trying to track down the murderer of a teen who was found dead from real bullets in a car splatted with paintballs.

"We (Greensboro Police) don't encourage any kind of violence, you know?" Bradley explained. "Just because it's paintballs instead of guns does not mean it's safe," a spokesman for the department said.