Cops Say Phone Records Jussie Smollett Provided Isn't Enough To Prove Assault

AllHipHop Staff

For some reason, the actor seems to be stalling when it comes to catching the man who allegedly assaulted him.

(AllHipHop News) Chicago police are finally in possession of Jussie Smollett's phone records, as they attempt to locate the perpetrators of a brutal assault.

Chicago cops say Jussie's manager sent his records over on February 5, while Jussie managed to get his over yesterday morning.

After taking 13 days to send over his information, it still was not enough for the cops, who want more cooperation from the actor.

A spokesman said the records he sent "are not sufficient and do not meet the burden of a criminal investigation."

Police are seeking two men who beat up the actor on January 29th, tied a noose around his neck and poured a bleach-like substance all over him.

The assault is being treated as a hate crime since the perpetrators allegedly called Smollett a “fa##ot” and a “ni##r” during the attack.

Both Jussie, who has since labeled himself "The Gay Tupac" and his manager said they heard the words “MAGA country" during the attack.

Meanwhile, Jussie's own neighbors are starting to doubt his story.

"I don’t believe it happened the way he said it did. I’ve been in this neighborhood five years. I don’t believe it, not around here … Half the people are gay and the other half are black," said Agin Muhammad, who lives in the same high rise as Smollett.

Last week, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department said Jussie would be charged with a crime if it is found that he filed a false police report.