Cops Swarm Memorial For Rapper King Shooter And Make Arrests

Mike Winslow

The cops busted up a memorial in a Queens, New York park honoring the life of rapper King Shooter, who died from the coronavirus.

(AllHipHop News) The funeral for buzzing Queensbridge rapper King Shooter was interrupted by NYPD cops, according to local reports.

Earlier this week, it was revealed King Shooter died from complications caused by the coronavirus.

Like the tragic death of Fred the Godson, who also died from the respiratory disease, the news of King Shooter's death hit the rap community hard.

He was close to Harlem rapper Dave East and he was signed to Nas' Mass Appeal imprint.

According to local reports, a huge memorial gathering took place in Queensbridge to honor the rapper.

People were not following social distancing rules, so the cops moved and swarmed, and sealed off a local park where mourners had gathered and arrested at least three people for violations.

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all cap..homie did not die from the virus smh...his family is trying to stop this fake news. FYI HE DID NOT DIE FROM THE VIRUS


Meanwhile white people gather in large groups to protest Covid-19 restrictions and don't get arrested. But a man can die from the virus and the mourners can't gather? Hmmm sounds about White. Smh....WOW