Cops Take Down Five Men For Killing DJ Khaled's Brother-In-Law

The cops rounded up a group of men accused of murdering DJ Khaled's family member.

(AllHipHop News) Five men have been indicted for shooting and killed DJ Khaled's fiancee's brother last year.

Jonathan Tuck was shot and killed during a reported argument at a Bronx, New York apartment last February.

Tuck was shot in the back of the head when the men allegedly attempted to rob a Superbowl party he was attending in the Bronx.

Yesterday (October 30), cops in New York rounded up the five suspects, who were listed as Richard “Showtime” Jimenez, Kevin “Juice” Cruz, Ira “Malachi” Lawson and Curtis “Gz” Hines.

According to reports, a fifth indicted suspect named Luis “PopOff” Semiday is still loose.