Cormega Readies Two New Projects

Rapper Cormega is working on two projects simultaneously,

an EP and an LP.

"I'm working on the Ayatollah-Comega

EP & I'm working on the Urban Legend album," Cormega told

"It's not gonna be a shoot um up, f**k you album. There's gonna be no dis

records," Mega said.

The Ayatollah-Cormega EP features production

from producer Ayatollah, while the Urban Legend album will feature production

from The Beatnuts, DR Period and others.

Mega said that his squabble with Nas was deaded

and that his projects would focus more on returning to his street roots as well

as showcasing a more mature, worldly view of the Queensbridge bred rapper.

"Like it or not - I'm a realist. Nas is

one of the greatest rappers of this era; so for me to constantly sit here and

dis him, I'm going to be the one looking like a fool," Mega reflected.

"He can make a record dissing me and they'll play it on the radio but my

sh*t aint gonna get paid and that don't pay if they don't play my record. So

I deal with the reality the odds are the chips are stacked against me."

Both of Mega's projects will drop independently

later this year.