Corpus Christie Mayor In Hot Water Over Rap Video Cameo

(AllHipHop News) The Mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas is being criticized for his appearance in a video for a profanity laced rap song titled "That's Not How You Represent Tha 361." Mayor Joe Adame is seen at the beginning of Corpus Christie rapper Michael White's video for "361," reciting the song's catchy hook. The track is a diss record by local rapper Michael White, who lashes out at the group named Only A Handful Family and their track "I'm From Corpus."In the beginning of Michael White's video for "361," a man is seen sitting in a fast food restaurant. After the man is approached by a "fan," he rips open his shirt and exposes a bra underneath his shirt and begins dancing and lampooning Only A Handful Family. The mayor's appearance comes directly after the bra scene, with Michael White following with a verse filled with explicative words. According to reports, Mayor Adame didn't know that the content in Michael White's video would be obscene.