Could Drake Be Lured Into The Purge? One Actor Hopes So!

Hannah Anderson, a Canadian actor, hope to get Drizzy in the new show about 12 hours of legal American crimes.

(AllHipHop News) The new TV series The Purge is based on a fictitious American holiday that allows for all crimes to be legal for a 12-hour period of time. The movie franchise has been more than successful, winning handily with a cinematic 4-piece. Now, The Purge Universe is coming to TV tonight on the USA Network.

Hannah Anderson, a Canadian-born actor that stars in the show, wants to get rapper/actor Drake on the show to further represent for additional northern exposure.

Ill call him up and see [if he can be on The Purge]. Listen, Drake!, Anderson joked in an interview with Chuck Creekmur. In all reality, Hannah has yet to meet her Toronto brother.

I have yet to meet him. I feel like we would be best friends. I love how supportive he is. I love how he supports The Raptors. And hes put Toronto on the map. Thanks Drake, she said.

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Continuing, she said, I only knew Drake as his character on Degrassi so suddenly when he was like mega famous I was like What happened?, she said laughingly. How did this happen in this short amount of time?

Hannah plays a wealthy socialite in The Purge television show, where the rich are as savage as the disenfranchised purgers. The show also stars Gabriel Chavarria, Jessica Garza, Amanda Warren, Colin Woodell, Hannah Anderson, Lili Simmons, Lee Tergesen and others. While Drake has been a working actor for many years, Hannahs dream is not likely to come true.

Her nightmare is just as unlikely as Drizzy joining the cast and that would be The Purge holiday coming to Canada.

She said that a Purge holiday would not be welcome in her homeland, and if it did, it could be worse than America.

Never. Actually, I think I might even be scarier in Canada. Were all so polite. We genuinely ar polite. Then you really couldnt trust anyone, she lamented. No, I couldnt see [The Purge] happening [in Canada].

Either way, she said peace-loving Americans are welcome in her native land if a Purge ever became legal or if things continue to worsen in America.

You gotta go where you gotta go and things are getting crazier and crazier.

The Purge TV show is no exception.