Country Music Back On The Air In Florida After Police Bust Pirate Hip-Hop Station

An aspiring DJ

in Hollywood, FL has been arrested for illegally broadcasting Hip-Hop

music over the airwaves of a local Country music station.Darin

Satter, 34, allegedly set up a pirate radio station, which interfered with 99.9

WKIS-FM's signal. For several weeks, fans of the station - which is known as Kiss

Country - heard Hip-Hop music playing instead of the usual country format.When

fans of the station started complaining about the music selection, WKIS engineers

tracked the pirate signal to a local trailer park.

Broward Sheriff Office detectives arrived and found a 30-foot-tall broadcasting

antenna outside of Satter's trailer.Satter

was arrested and charged with unauthorized transmission/interference with a licensed

public radio station. He is facing up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


figured he had a 2way radio, you know a hand radio," Satter's neighbor said

of the 30-foot-antenna.