Court Clerk Fired Over Letter Asking Meek For Cash

AllHipHop Staff

Court transcripts have exonerated a judge of some shady behavior.

(AllHipHop News) A female Clerk of a court in Philadelphia has been fired for slipping Meek Mill a note pleading for financial help for her son's college fees.

Wanda Chavarria recently confirmed that she had made an appeal to Meek during his trial, but insisted Judge Brinkley was unaware of her supposed actions.

The letter asked for money to pay for Chavarria's son's tuition to a college in Virginia, a request Meek denied.

Meanwhile, key documents regarding a conversation rapper Meek Mill had with the judge overseeing his probation violation case have reportedly failed to prove the defense team's allegations of bias.

The incarcerated hip-hop star, real name Robert Williams, was sentenced to two-to-four years behind bars in November, for violating his probation relating to a 2008 drug and gun bust.

His lawyers have been challenging what they insist was a harsh punishment, claiming Pennsylvania trial judge Genece Brinkley made the ruling in spite, after Meek allegedly laughed off her request for a shout-out in a song, and snubbed a suggestion to dump his management team at Jay-Z's Roc Nation firm and sign with Philadelphia music figure Charlie Mack.

The conversation was said to have taken place in chambers, on the record, and last week, another judge ruled the transcript of the hearing should be released to determine if Brinkley showed any signs of inappropriate judicial conduct.

However, according to the court transcript, Judge Brinkley was not the one to comment on Meek's music representation - it was supposedly his probation officer who instead recommended the rapper work with Mack.

The officer is reported as saying, "What I like about Charlie, he is not invested in Meek Mills (sic). He is invested in Robert Williams."

The judge then made it clear she wanted nothing to do with the career advice, stating, "I don't want the record to suggest who your management is or is not."

Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, has yet to comment on the apparent setback.