Court Documents Reveal How Much Money Is In Nas' Bank Accounts - It's A Lot

Nas filed some court documents which reveal just how much money Nas has!

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Nas is still locked in a nasty legal battle with Kelis, over the amount of money he must pay to his ex-wife for child support.

Nas and Kelis wed in 2005, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2010.

The pair have been to court dozens of times since the custody battle began in 2009.

And according to documents Nas just filed, the rap star is sitting on a mountain of cash.

According to Nas, he has over $8 million in the bank in cash and pulls down another $175,000 a month.

The rap star told the court he forks out over $76,000 in monthly expenses, $20,000 of which is used to help out family members.

Nas also pays $15,000 a month in rent.

The rapper's finances were the subject of numerous articles in March after it was revealed his VC firm Queensbridge Venture Partners was among the earlier investors in Ring, which was sold to Amazon for over $1 billion.

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