Court Orders Damon Dash To Stop Promoting Movie He Claims As His Own

AllHipHop Staff

Dame is currently involved in a nasty legal battle over an upcoming movie.

(AllHipHop News) A court is ordering mogul/filmmaker Damon Dash to stop promoting a film, as a legal war over the flick escalates.

Filmmakers Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures just won an injunction against Damon Dash, barring him from marketing a movie he claims he produced called "The List."

Webber sued Damon back in January, claiming the movie is his and he is planning to release it as "Dear Frank."

According to the lawsuit, Dame was booted from having any role in the project, because he was causing trouble on the set, and coming to work high.

Dame was removed from the project in 2018, but he started marketing and promoting the project as his own, under the original working title of the movie, which was "The List."

Under the terms of the injunction, Damon cannot market, promote or distribute the movie he maintains is really his.

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I always want to see Black men succeed under the right circumstances so for now Damon hold this "L".