Court TV Examines 'Hip-Hop Justice'

Russell Simmons’ "Russell Simmons Presents: Hip-Hop Justice" airs

tonight, the first in a series of upcoming documentaries the mogul’s Simmons

Lathan Media Group is producing.

The documentary

examines three high profile court cases, including the murder conviction of

C-Murder, the allegations surrounding Tupac Shakur’s rape case and the

government raid on the offices of Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc. Records.

Harvard graduate

Will Griffin, President of Simmons Lathan Media Group, said the show also uncovered

new and unheard evidence surrounding Tupac’s rape case, the existence

of a Hip-Hop Task Force in New York and Miami and the first ever television

interview with Derrick Parker, the former NYPD officer who says he started the

Hip-Hop Task Force.

“Police and

the judicial system are targeting Hip-Hop artists and their fans based on their

lyrics, stage names and other elements of the culture,” Griffin told

“Since millions of us in the culture also adopt those elements of the

culture we could also find ourselves targeted if we do not shine light and the

situation and attempt to put a stop to it. In many cases Hip Hop profiling is

just another form of racial profiling and we have to speak out about it.”

Nelson George,

Ice-T, LL Cool J, David Banner, Rev. Run, Kanye West, Dream Hampton and others

are featured on the documentary.

SLMG has several

other television efforts being developed. Simmons will develop a documentary

titled “Hip-Hop Laws of Success” as well as a video series titled

“Russell Simmons Presents: Yoga Live!”

"Russell Simmons Presents: Hip-Hop Justice" airs tonight on Court

TV. Check local listings for airtimes.