Crip Walk Banned From L.A. Schools

Los Angeles inner city schools have banned the

"C-Walk" dance, short for "Crip Walk." The dance, which

was popularized by such rappers as WC, Snoop and even Lil Bow Wow, has stirred

up controversy in the school districts. According to law enforcement officials,

the dance was originally performed after Crip's murdered a rival gang member.

School administrators feel that it will cause violence if students who do not

understand it's origins are seen doing the dance by rival gang members.

"Everybody’s walkin'," Kurupt

told Kurupt, who has never hidden his ties to the Crips street

gang, agreed with administrators. "They better be careful if they do it

in the wrong place." The dance, which has been seen in a number of music

videos, has been adopted by NFL players as a victory celebration, has been banned

from the playgrounds to the prom, leaving some students upset.

Kurupt says the dance is more serious than many

understand. "That’s a real dance. People have lost their lives over

that dance."