Critic Plans To Sue Nicki Minaj Because Her Fans Want To Kill Him

Nicki Minaj critic Jerome Trammel plans to sue the rapper for cyberbullying after death threats were issued from her fa

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Just yesterday, Jerome Trammel took to Twitter to state he felt the lyrics to “Bed” by Nicki Minaj were hypocritical, in light of her most recent interview with Elle Magazine.

He states, “Dear Nicki Minaj, Your lyrics are hypocritical. You went over to @ElleMagazine to slut shame certain types of women, cause that wasn’t your route (allegedly). People need to STOP trying to dictate & police women & THEIR bodies! If you can’t HELP, don’t HURT! @NickiMinaj,” attached with a screenshot of explicit lyrics.

Not one to back down, Nicki responded to Jerome on the social media platform.

She wrote, “Had [you] read the article, I was critiquing MYSELF more than ANYTHING,” she tweeted. “What I SAID was: I HOPE my overt sexual [LYRICS AND] PHOTOS don’t make my fans THINK that I’m telling them to be promiscuous & to know their worth!”

This lead to an uproar amongst Nicki Minaj fans, who had her back to the point where they were issuing death threats to Trammel.

On his GoFundMe page, the educator (per his Twitter bio) said he is concerned for his safety and will be raising money to hire a lawyer to fight this case.

"As a pop culture commentator, I gave my opinion on an interview that I reviewed about Nicki Minaj," Jerome Trammel said.

"In response, Nicki Minaj bullied me and told her MILLIONS of fans via Twitter to "..beat that n!gga, like he stole something,," her inciting this bullying and violence led to me receiving THOUSANDS of messages & comments telling me to kill myself, hang myself, die, & that they will beat me up and kill me," Jerome Trammel continued.

Jerome Trammel maintains Nicki Minaj's fans have track down his phone number and are threatening to kill him.

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Really, fake ass minaj has fans?


The epitome of a puxxy.