Critics Slam Flick 'Revolver,' Praise Andre 3000's Acting

Andre 3000’s

latest film “Revolver” debuted last night in the United Kingdom, following

the success of his last film, John Singleton's hit “Four Brothers.”

“Revolver,” directed by Guy Ritchie, premiered last

night (Sept. 20) at London's Leicester Square.

The film is set in a casino and is based around a gambler named

Jake Green (Jason Statham), who is seeking to dupe the con-man/crime-boss/casino

owner and oddly named Dorothy Macha, (Ray Liotta) at the gambling tables.

Macha puts a hit out on Green, who then partners with two mobsters,

Zack (Vincent Pastore) and Avi (Andre Benjamin).

“Revolver” was screened earlier this month at The

2005 Toronto International Film Festival in Canada and has since been slammed

by critics.

“Guy Ritchie shoots a blank with ‘Revolver,’

wrote film industry trade magazine Variety. “The action, attitude and

wise-guy talk all feel moldy this time around, which does not bode well for

U.S. release.”

Ritchie dismissed the negative reviews of the film last night

at the UK premiere.

"The critics have been harsh all the way through my career

but it doesn't affect me," Ritchie said.

Ritchie’s wife Madonna accompanied him to the film’s

premiere, where fans and press booed the pair for not taking pictures or signing


But the performance of the actors – particularly Andre

3000’s - escaped such criticism and even drew praise., a popular movie, TV, DVD and comic book

site, agreed with critics overall assessment of the movie.

But, the website issued a glowing review of one of the world’s

most famous rappers-turned-actor’s performance.

“The acting is top-notch,” AICN posted after the

screening in Toronto. “Andre 3000 shows that he has the charisma and talent

as an actor to match his musical genius.”

The United States theatrical release date of the movie has not

been announced.

In related news,

sources told that Andre 3000 is recording a track with Madonna

that may be included on her latest album, Confessions On A Dance Floor,

which is slated for a November release.