Crucial Conflict Drops First Album In 9 Years

Chicago Hip-Hop collective Crucial Conflict will release a new album titled Planet Crucon (pronounced “crew-con”), their first in nine years.

The group, which consists of original members Coldhard, Wildstyle, Kilo and Never, exploded on to the national scene with the release of their hit single “Hay,” which topped the Billboard charts in 1996.

Crucial Conflict followed with singles like "Ride the Rodeo" (Final Tic, 1996) and "Scummy" (Good Side Bad Side, 1998), before disappearing from the national scene, due to a contractual dispute with their former label, Pallas Records.

“Hay” introduced the groups brand of rhyming to the world, which they have dubbed “Rodeo style.”

"We keep it gutter, but we try to make it universal," group member Wildstyle explained. “'Rodeo' also adds a dimension of emotion and ferocity that fans of Crucial Conflict expect.”

According to Coldhard, Crucial Conflict's long awaited third album reflects the group’s mental state.

“We're gonna make Chicago proud because this album represents unity,” Coldhard said. “It's a new and improved Crucial Conflict… We weren't on our time; we were on God's time. Now it's time to give the people what they were missing."

Planet Crucon hits stores via Buckwild Records Entertainment/Scratch Entertainment/Select-O-Hits on January 29.